Passive Safety

Passive safety system protects the Driver or passenger when crash occurs, they do Reducing the impact of an accident or the level of Injury.


Airbags are cushions that are inflated extremely quickly upon impact (and subsequently deflated) to protect passengers during a collision. They provide a soft restraint between the occupants and the vehicle interior during the crash, which can reduce or even prevent injuries.


Seatbelts (or safety belts) are restraint systems that keep passengers correctly positioned during an accident or sudden stop, thereby reducing the impact of the vehicle interior on the body and preventing people from being ejected

ADAS-Advance Driver Assistance Systems

Almost all vehicle accidents are caused by human error, which can be avoided with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The role of ADAS is to prevent deaths and injuries by reducing the number of car accidents and the serious impact of those that cannot be avoided.

Essential safety critical ADAS applications include:

• Pedestrian detection/avoidance
• Lane departure warning/correction
• Traffic sign recognition
• Automatic emergency braking
• Blind spot detection
These lifesaving systems are key to ensuring the success of ADAS applications, incorporating the latest interface standards and running multiple vision-based algorithms to support real-time multimedia, vision co-processing, and sensor fusion subsystems.